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Odessa Performance Tours

Odessa Performance Tours
for individual guests

As we start our daily sightseeing tour round Odessa, we hope to discover something new. Odessa has never let us down! We always make new discoveries in old courtyards, sophisticated curls on the walls of two hundred-year-old palaces, extraordinary Odessa slang statements and open-hearted emotions of citizens and guests of the Southern Palmire.

Take a chance to discover and explore the unique Odessa. You can rest assured it is not just an exciting city, but an entire planet full of incredible surprises! We are keen on history of Odessa and shifting in time and space, so we offer an adventurous journey through centuries.

Welcome to our lovely city of Odessa! We are ready to tell you something you have never heard before and show you more than you could imagine. We will create the unforgettable experience for you! Let’s get started!



Take a chance to discover and explore the unique Odessa. You can rest assured it is not just an exciting city, but an entire planet full of incredible surprises! Our guides are keen on history of Odessa and shifting in time and space. They always provide an adventurous journey through centuries in the Time Machine. You will walk the streets stepping after A.Pushkin, I.Babel, F.Castro, S.Eisenstein, V. Kandinskiy, Mark Twain and looking at Odessa exactly as they used to. Enjoy every route as much as every tourist attraction you’re heading for. Columbus and Magellan once took the longest routs so as get pleasure on the way to destinations. You can act their way. Experience the Planet Odessa in detail!

During a 2,5-3 hour tour you will see French, Italian and Primorskiy Boulvards, Pushkinskaya Street, Shah`s and Vorontsov’s palaces, the Potemkin Steps and Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Once upon a time in Odessa (Criminal Odessa Tour)


There’s a lot to tell you about it … Still it’s better to be seen once with your own eyes. The tour runs through the amazing sparks of the central streets up to the heart of the Southern criminal capital known as Moldavanka. Take a chance to experience the world of local Al Capones and Bonnies and Clydes. Learn the stories of victories and mischiefs of city gangsters Mishka Yaponcik (Japanese) and Sonka Zolotaya Ruchka (Sonya Golden Hand), secrets of mysterious Odessa catacombs, the old Odessa prison, courteous Odessa gangsters and even childhood of James Bond’s prototype.

Our Jewish Luck (Odessa Jewish Heritage Tour)


Our tour Odessa Jewish Luck is able to substitute any other tour around the city, as Odessa itself reflects all aspects of the rich Jewish cultural heritage.

What do you want!? During the first 150 years of Odessa existence, the Jewish population made up less than 30 percent of the total number of the residents. Shalom Aleichem, Hayim Nahman Bialik, Isaac Babel, Meir Dizengoff, Mikhail Zhvanetsky and Roman Kartsev… and thousands and thousands of other representatives of this great ancient nation were making a great contribution to beatify Odessa.

«And so I lived then in Odessa…» (Odessa Literature Tour)


On taking a tour round Odessa get ready to enounter a huge number of exciting locations where the great writers used to live or their immortal chracters still do. National art critics estimated that more than 600 writers, poets and playwrights are associated with our city and have strong ties with Odessa. During our tour «And so I lived then in Odessa… » we mention nearly each of them. Do not miss the opportunity to have a stroll along the streets with rich literary spirit.

20,000 Leagues Under the Ground (deep dive into Odessa’s catacombs)

This excursion can be justly called immersion into mystery. You may wonder what is there so special that you have not seen yet? There’s only one reply! Everything!

    • The underground bunker of the Cold War era with a 4th degree of protection and 1200 person capacity.
    • The cemetery of petrified animals with the average age of 3.5 million years.
    • The underground lakes with new species of small creatures unknown to modern biology.
    • The chance to try on working in quarries with the 19th century tools.
    • The real secret hideouts of Moldavanka’s raiders.
    • The permanent dislocation post of the most secret partisan detachment of Odessa, which perished exactly in this area of the catacombs


Believe it or not, but we didn’t list everything.

WARNING! The air temperature in the Odessa catacombs is + 13C at any time of the year, so please get dressed accordingly. Comfortable sport shoes and clothes are strongly advised.

Prices for excursion with English speaking guide:
1-4 pax – 60 Euro per excursion
From 4 and more pax – 15 Euro per person

Transfer is paid additionally as per request.

«Delicious Odessa» (Odessa Gastronomic Tour)


Odessa’s cuisine has absorbed all tastes and flavours of the Greek, Moldavian, Ukrainian, Polish, Jewish, German, Italian and French nations … Exactly as many peoples inhabited this southern port city, so many hundreds of recipes have been stored in a cookbook called ODESSA. Help yourself with all these dishes and put down the recipes you enjoy most!

Special regional Bessarabian platsindi with the local wine in the oldest drinking establishment of «Pre-Odessa» times; the Beer menu of the legendary «Gambrinus» restaurant; traditional snacks of the Soviet times in «Tulka» café.

And many stories about where Pushkin was drinking, what Babel was eating, where Chukovsky’s and Bunin’s favorite Beerhouse was, where the wealthy citizens hung out and what poor dockers used to have for lunch.

Prices for excursion with English speaking guide:
5-10 pax – 35 Euro per 1 person

10-18 pax – 30 Euro per 1 person

The Splendors and Miseries of Odessa (Odessa Identity Tour)
Including a brief excursion to XX-th century catacombs

Odessa has always been one of the richest cities in the Empire and retained this status even in the USSR. Marvelous architecture, fascinating literature, urban legends and true stories serve as the cogent evidence of Odessa’s sophisticated and inimitable identity.

Magnificent palaces adjoin shabby courtyards, striking marine open spaces, entries to catacombs in the very heart of the city, and the life-stories of those who reached the summits of the bottom of Odessa.

Experience the genuine Odessa – diverse and multifaceted. You will take exclusive routes and walk the streets that turned out of the way of traditional touristy programs.


There is a belief that touch of a dolphin will bring you happiness and good luck! At least you will definitely get an exciting experience and lots of joy by visiting our dolphinarium Nemo situated at the picturesque sea-front.

8 (12 Euro) per person – entrance fees

Transfer as per request


Spend an unforgettable day in the biggest aqua-park on the south of Ukraine! Odessa aqua-park includes exclusive water attractions, wave swimming pool, sand beach, café’s and recreation areas. Guests of all ages will enjoy spending a day in our aqua-park

33 (23 for child) Euro per person-entrance fees

Transfer as per request

Tzaddik’s Gravesite

The grave of the rabbi Rabbi Nachman (Bratslavsky) in Uman is one of the most revered shrines of Hasidism, the place of annual mass pilgrimages. The founder of the Breslovian trend of Hasidism, the tzadik Rabbi Nachman, according to his will, was buried in 1810 in the territory of the Jewish cemetery in Uman.


Sofia Park

Sofia Park is one of the outstanding creations of the world’s landscape art. This picturesque area is called a fantastic country — so everything here is unusual, poetic and beautiful. Here you will find a rich collection of plants from all over the world, cascades of lakes and waterfalls. You will be fascinated by amazing landscapes, numerous fountains, artificial grottoes and exquisite sculptures of ancient gods and goddesses.

Usually a full day combined tour to Sofia Park and Tzaddik’s gravesite is arranged. The prices are given below

Group 2-6 persons (Mercedes Vito or equivalent)— 300 Euro + 10 Euro per person for entrance

Group 7-15 persons (Mercedes Sprinter or equivalent)-400 Euro + 10 Euro per person for entrance

Group 16-34 persons –720 Euro 1 big bus (including entrance fees)

Prices for all the excursions with English speaking guide (except Catacombs, Gastronomic tour, Dolphinarium, Aqua-park, Uman):

All the excursions can be done as a walking tour or by car

Walking tours:

1-12 pax – 60 euro per excursion

12-25 pax- 100 euro per excursion

25-50 pax – 150 euro per excursion

By car:

1-6 pax – 100 euro per excursion

6-17 pax – 180 euro per excursion

17-30 pax – 250 euro per excursion